I love working with Reiki, reiki is an energy healing technique where universal energy is channelled through the practitioner into another person, animal, plant etc it’s so gentle and deeply relaxing yet incredibly powerful I’ve used reiki to help people with a wide variety of conditions including painful shoulders, arthritis, anxiety, blocked emotions

Therapists hands doing reiki therapy on girl. One hand on head and one hand on back.

Reiki can also help to:

  • clear the physical body and aura of negative energy,
  • can be used to help heal many health issues from arthritis to anxiety
  • helps you to let go of anything that’s no longer serving you including clearing emotional blocks and old beliefs which aren’t in your highest interest
  • leaves you with feelings of peace
  • feeling uplifted
  • stress relieving
  • can be used to support conventional medicines and complimentary therapies

What my clients say

Reiki has changed my life every month I look forward to my session with Ann-Marie just bliss

-Mrs L Taylor

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