Reflexology is an ancient healing technique where the fingers and thumbs are used to apply a gentle pressure to the reflex points on the feet, these reflex points mirror and link to the whole body applying pressure to them can help to heal and balance the whole body.

Foot Massage in the Spa Salon isolated on White

As the whole body is mapped out on the feet the worlds your oyster as to the thing’s reflexology can treat and support, I’ve treated many conditions with reflexology such as stress, anxiety, headaches, MS, constipation, COPD, hay fever, depression, tense tight muscles, arthritis. On top of being wonderfully healing and balancing reflexology is really relaxing too with most client unable to resist drifting off during their treatment.

What my clients say

Cannot praise Ann-Marie enough…!! I look forward to my reflexology treatment. I have been coming here every month for over two years now and haven’t looked back. I always leave feeling totally rebalanced. Thank you

-Mrs Laura Byron

Never had this before bit worried before Anne-Marie started as I’ve had a stroke. It was so good and relaxing I fell asleep. She also massaged up my legs. I had swollen legs and feet before she started but the reflexology has helped with this. It was a lovely feeling when she was doing my feet with the added benefit of helping my condition. Anne-Marie was very professional, caring and understanding, I would recommend her to anyone.

-Malcolm Prior

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