Regular MassageAnyone looking for respite from anxiety, work stress or even physical pain will likely benefit from a regular massage and it’s very likely that they have even been offered the opportunity to try it if they experience regular discomfort. But what is it about massage that makes it so reliable for pain and stress relief? Why are there so many different types of massage? Can it guarantee results? Here at Natural Touch Therapies, we’re happy to confirm that we can confidently answer all of the above and we aim to bring relaxing and effective massage and therapy to anyone looking for a little calm and respite from their daily lives.

How massage works

While massage may be considered a complementary medicine, the science in the act lies in the kneading of certain joints and muscles of the body that experience built-up tension, strain, or even built-up lactic acid a massage can be used to prepare for intense exercise as well as an aid to recovery. Massage works tension through the body by using a steady, slow and kneading action to ensure that any twinges or pain can be eradicated smoothly and comfortably, leaving no risk of further injury or aggravation for the patient.

The type of massage you opt for will depend entirely on your circumstances and your needs. A sports massage will be specifically tailored with intense activity and workouts in mind, whereas a body massage will focus on easing anxiety, pain, stress, tension and tightness in the body as well as providing comfort and relaxation. Whether light and soft or heavier and pressurised, the ultimate aim of massage is help your body recover from and prepare for stresses and strains, and to promote blood flow and the transfer of oxygen throughout your body.

Why get a massage

Massage can help with injury and regular strains, meaning that it is often a source of comfort and respite to those experiencing particularly painful moments when making simple day to day movements or when exercising. Massage has a physical benefit and a psychological benefitĀ  as a deep, relaxing massage can really help get your mind in the zone and drift into a sense of peace that you may have found difficult to find in your everyday life. Professionals and athletes turn to massage for various reasons on a regular basis, making it a proven effective method of ironing out stresses and twinges that are both physical and psychological.

Here at Natural Touch Therapies, we are versed in a wide range of alternative therapies that can help de-stress, calm your nerves and even recover from certain aches and pain brought on by injury or repetitive movement. For more information on the therapies we provide, and how we can help bring relaxing respite to any psychological or physical stresses you may have come under, call us today on 01773 687 349 or contact us via web form at your convenience. No matter who you are or why you need massage therapy, we will be happy to introduce it to you at your own speed.