What is Reflexology?

Foot Massage in the Spa Salon isolated on White

Reflexology remains one of the most popular and most beneficial forms of stress and anxiety relief as well as a superb way to promote wellbeing throughout your body – it centres around the belief that the reflex points on your hands and feet connect directly with different parts of the body, and that stimulating these points through massage can provide relief to various areas through pinpointed healing.  Certainly, it’s a therapy that has seen considerable results, having provided respite from stress and anxiety to millions of people worldwide, as well as being a fantastic health booster when you really need it most.  Reflexology, essentially, focuses on ensuring that parts of your body that are suffering are repaired through soothing pressure and massage to your reflex points.  Much of reflexology’s focus is directed towards the feet, where there is thought to be a complex map of
reflex points that therapists can navigate with ease.

Reflexology promotes healing and energy promotion throughout the body, inside and out – whether you are experiencing headaches, stomach problems or anxiety, it’s a therapy that can provide long-lasting relief with the added benefit of it being a relaxing foot massage!  It’s a therapy that continues to be practiced and enjoyed by millions worldwide, and is therefore considered to be one of the most effective forms of pain relief and health promotion.

What does it feel like?


But what does reflexology feel like?  Is it painful?  Is it intrusive? Will it tickle? Far from it – the pressure which is applied in reflexology should never be painful but also prevents the treatment from being tickly, clients often comment that there treatment felt wonderful, with clients who have come for their first treatment often remarking how it was much more relaxing than they had ever imagined.

Tenderness in the feet during reflexology can mean that there are particular areas of your body which need particularly close attention – a reflexology session should never be painful, however, there may be indications during your session that certain reflex points need more attention than others.  It is said that a reflexology session that is painful is not being undertaken correctly – and while it is not necessarily a straightforward massage, it should still be comfortable and all the more enjoyable.  It’s a therapy which reaps long term benefits as well as short term enjoyment.

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