Neuromuscular massageWhenever you’re feeling stressed, tired, or in need of pain relief, there’s often no better way to combat short-term anxiety than with a fantastic massage, no matter where on the body! While massage is widely regarded as a superb stress-reliever in the short term, and a great way to calm down after a hard day at work or a particularly gruelling workout at the gym, there are also surprising long-term benefits to regular massage that you may be keen to know more about.

The benefits that can be reaped from massage largely depends upon the type that you opt for as there are scores of different massage techniques and schools of thought that can tackle various areas of the body and can help alleviate a whole host of bodily and mental problems meaning that, when used in a certain way and to a certain extent, massage can be a perfect source of promoting wellbeing and even encouraging respite from aggravating conditions.

Neuromuscular massage

Neuromuscular massage, for example, can help to attack the causes of chronic pain that can occur throughout the body. This type of treatment traditionally takes a medicinal focus and aims to seek out trigger points and compressed nerves, it’s a great way to undo problems that can be caused by postural issues and repetitive strain or movement. Similarly, a Swedish massage, which many may know as perhaps the most traditional form, uses rhythmic taps and pressurised strokes to encourage blood flow, scar tissue healing and to encourage bodily repair. It’s also said to be extremely energising, making it a popular source of comfort for those who find themselves sluggish after a hard week or stressful event.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a particular area of assistance in which athletes and gym-goers alike seek to attain as much flexibility and tissue support as possible, as well as helping with sports injuries. This type of massage commonly occurs before exertion of energy and, in the long term, can help athletes and sportspeople attain peak physical performance and personal bests completely naturally. This is arguably why sports massage is still so popular! Other types of massage such as shiatsu, which focuses on releasing energy throughout your body, and reflexology, a massage which seeks to relieve other areas of the body through certain parts of the foot, can be more specialised, whereas heat therapy through hot stone massage can be beneficial to encouraging long-term bodily repair and energising.

No matter what you may need a massage for, there are many schools of thought available on just how each type can improve your life for the better and despite common assumption, massage is not just a short-term fix it can promote good mental health, energy levels and can even promote healthy blood flow and flexibility when used correctly and in the right areas.

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