There are many reasons why reflexology is helpful. But before I go on to discuss these, what is reflexology? Reflexology is essentially a foot massage but don’t be fooled by this simplistic statement. It is far more than that, this treatment is used for a huge range of conditions and has been practiced for thousands of years.

Our feet take a lot of stress, no matter where you work or what you do the chances are that you put a lot of stress and weight on your feet on a daily basis. As with back pain, the stress we feel in our feet can also manifest itself in different parts of our body. You probably wouldn’t think twice about getting a back massage so why not a foot massage?

What does this treatment involve?

foot-massageReflexology involves a therapist applying pressure to very specific areas on the feet, hands and ears that affect those reflexive areas of the body. This is because the treatment stimulates nerve function which consequently can increase energy, bring about a state of relaxation, boost circulation, eliminates toxins, and assists in the relief of sleep disorders, depression and pain relief. It has also been argued that reflexology can even help during the treatment of cancer, pregnancy pains and post partum pain.

Although not widely accepted in the western medical world, thousands of alternative physicians all over the globe have been successfully using the treatment for generations and with extremely positive results.

Some primary benefits

To go into more specific details about how reflexology could help you, lets look at some of the primary benefits.

Nerve Function: Over the years our nerve endings inevitably become less sensitive, particularly in our extremities. Reflexology can open and clean out neural pathways leading to improved flexibility and functionality in many areas of the body. If you think of neural pathways as muscles, beneficial treatment gives you neural pathways a workout!

Energy Levels: Reflexology can align the functioning of some vital organs and our muscle systems, consequently increasing your metabolism and energy creation. So if you are in need of a boost of energy or are fed up of feeling tired then maybe a treatment session can be what you need to put a spring back in your step!

Circulation: One of the most commonly known and scientifically verified benefits of reflexology is how it can improve your circulation. This means that more oxygen gets to your vital organs, optimizing their functionality and increasing your metabolism. This results in fast re growth of cells and faster healing too.

Relaxation: As I mentioned previously, reflexology has been found to open neural pathways, and this neural activity can result in a more relaxed state of both mind and body, totally reducing stress. This has also helped with insomnia and other sleep disorders, it helps your body become relaxed and get back to its normal, healthy state. Even migraines can feel less painful as a result of the increased level of relaxation and elimination of stress.

Toxin Removal: The use of reflexology has been shown to improve bladder function, constipation and even reduce urinary tract problems. This means reduced toxicity in the body, reduced or eliminated headaches and migraines, increased protection against other toxins and consequently keeping us healthier.

Cancer Relief: Although reflexology cannot claim to directly cure cancer, it has been found to ease the side effects of some cancer treatments, including chemotherapy. Because it helps patients sleep, become less anxious and is thought by some to help slow the spread of cancer by stimulating antioxidants to destroy some cancer cells. Although research is ongoing in this area, studies to date have found this type of treatment to be beneficial.

Pregnancy and Menstruation: Both of these matters can be painful for women and studies have found that pregnant women who use reflexology can have shorter labour times, reduced need for pain relief and a faster recovery time after birth.

Although the use of reflexology in the mainstream medical world has sometimes been criticized, thousands of years of treatments and reports of success speak very loudly. This treatment should be considered as a supplement to treatment to some of the more serious conditions but can by used as a stand alone treatment for other health concerns such as insomnia, stress and to aid circulation. So now you know some of the many benefits of reflexology why not kick off your shoes and get your mind and body in top form! Contact Natural Touch Therapies today for more information on 01773 687 349