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Essential oils are natures, natural healers. Extracted from plants, these wonderful oils have endured the test of time having been used in Aromatherapy for thousands of years with the ancient Egyptians being amongst the first to discover the useful preservative properties of Cedarwood and Frankincense!

Since they were discovered essential oils have been increasingly used to enhance health and well-being. The ability of these aromatic essential oils is now highly recognised.

Here at Natural Touch Therapies these natural, versatile, essential oils can now be used during aromatherapy treatments to enhance and increase the beneficial effects with several treatments to choose from. Each blend is made individually for you to help you heal, balance and relax naturally.

New Aroma Treatments

Relax and unwind

Relax and unwind and restore yourself with a wonderful massage using a calming blend of lavender, rose and vetiver.

Uplift, revive and energize…!

This fabulous blend of grapefruit, jasmine and geranium will energise and revive both the body and mind, balancing the emotions and increase feelings of wellbeing helping you feel calm and uplifted.

Sooth, restore and uplift

Restore and uplift your body and mind with a soothing blend of frankincense, Neroli and Orange helping you to erase symptoms of stress and feelings of anxiety.

Calming, balancing and uplifting

The natural properties of Geranium in this blend help to regulate the secretion of sebum helping balance oily skin blended together with rose this beautiful floral blend helps to reduce redness whilst the anti-inflammatory properties help to sooth and calm dry, itchy skin whilst having a calming, balancing and uplifting effect on the emotions.

Focus and concentrate….

Feel refreshed and alert with this stimulating restoring blend of rosemary, cloves and peppermint.

Detox and purify

Gently detoxing and purifying the citrusy scent of lemon combined with juniper and frankincense will leave you feeling refreshed and revived whilst having a gentle toning and astringent effect on your skin.

Immune boosting

This soothing, protective blend of rosemary, lavender and niaouli gently support the immune system and relieve pain with potent antimicrobial properties and a warming anti-inflammatory action.

Regenerate and renew

Encouraging the skin cells to regenerate this blend of frankincense, Myrrh and helichrysum will help you to look refreshed as the combined properties help to delay and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action helps encourage healing and reduces the appearance of blemishes this wonderfully soothing blend also helps to reduce the pain caused by joint problems and arthritic conditions.

Back to you….!

Get back to feeling like you again stimulating yet calming the digestive system whilst boosting your circulation, immune system and appetite this blend of ginger, black pepper and tea tree is perfect if you’ve been feeling not quite yourself recently.

Tone please….

Detoxing and stimulating the lymphatic system this lovely blend works together to tone, firm and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

Bloating and Constipation…

Beat the bloat and get yourself moving again…. drift away whilst a warm, soothing carrot seed, fennel and orange compress work to calm and sooth your digestion system helping to relieve constipation, bloating and indigestion then let go of all your cares whilst spearmint, pine and rosemary blended together in a nourishing grapeseed oil are gently massaged in to your abdomen and areas of your choosing stimulating your system whilst soothing and calming leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Cold and sinuses relief

Relax and unwind whilst clearing blend of essential oils are dispersed in to the atmosphere helping to clear and relieve blocked sinuses whilst a soothing blend of warming frankincense, sandalwood and lavender are massaged in to your body helping to ease and calm the symptoms of coughs and colds and relieve blocked sinuses.

Circulation Stimulating…

Boost your circulation and stimulate the flow of lymph around the body with stimulating rosemary, thyme, black pepper, ginger and clove essential oils working together to help reduce the build-up of fluid around places such as the feet and ankles and helping to boost your circulation.

Muscular Tension and Stress Busting

Reduce stress, relax and relieve tight tense muscles with a soothing, relaxing, warm compress of lavender, coriander and black pepper helping to relieve pain whilst easing and prevent spasms before letting your stress and tension melt away with a comforting, restoring massage of rosemary, marjoram and ginger.

Unknot and unwind…

Unknot and relieve sore aching muscles with a warm ginger, Lavandin, and rosemary compress then relax as a blend of Plai, Lemongrass and black pepper are massaged in to your muscles to help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation whilst gently stimulating the circulation.

Hay fever and Allergies

Inhale and relax and the citrusy cent of Melissa blended with ravensara and eucalyptus gently relaxing and reviving whilst helping to clear and decongest blocked sinuses the natural antihistamine found in Melissa helps to combat hay fever and allergies. While you enjoy the refreshing aromatherapy, a soothing calming blend of chamomile, lavender and Melissa is massaged in to your skin helping to restore and bring you back to balance.

Stress and insomnia

A beautiful diffusion of frankincense, neroli and mandarin fills the air bringing your emotions back in to balance, soothing raw nerves and uplifting your spirit whilst your cares and stresses are massaged away with a blend of clary sage, frankincense and geranium helping you to relax and reduce stress, its symptoms and improve your quality of sleep for greater feelings of wellbeing.

Hormone balancing

Hormones are the driving force of the body when they’re out of balance it can make you feel miserable, depressed and irritable bergamot, rose, geranium and roman chamomile diffuse into the air in this restoring and regulating blend to help calm hot flushes and sooth irritability. A balancing blend of fennel, rose and geranium are massaged into the body helping you to feel more like you again.


aromatherapy essential oils scent sticks

  • Neck back and shoulder massage – £30 appointment time one hour
  • Full body massage – £45 appointment time 2 hours
  • Free, full 30 minute consultation included during your first appointment

Tailor Made Treatment

Not sure which treatment is right for you? Why not book a tailor made treatment where we will discuss your needs and requirements and decide together the right treatment for you this could be a combination of reflexology, massage, aromatherapy or reiki.


  • One hour individual tailor made treatment –   £30
  • One and a half hour – individual tailor made treatment –  £40
  • Free, full 30 minute consultation is included during your first appointment







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